Overcoming challenges

Following the war, with experience of boot manufacture, William saw potential to make safer footwear for miners by introducing steel capped boots for additional protection.

Always the entrepreneur and looking for the next trend, William noticed the growing popularity of cinemas and saw an opportunity to open a picture house in Wakefield. In the late 1920s William worked in partnership with a local rhubarb grower to do just that. His son, William Lamb Junior recalls playing violin during Silent Movies as his mother served ice cream.

Founder William Lamb (senior) was succeeded in 1923 by his son, William Lamb (junior) - the present Chairman’s father.

William Lamb Junior (known as Bill) was only 20 years old when his father died and the company was left in trust.  Impossible for him to borrow money to grow the business, he had to be as creative as he could within company means to generate new opportunities.

Bill had to quickly adapt and develop his business acumen. He began by expanding the product offer with a transition into football boots, which were made in a similar way to clogs.